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Balance Billing

Here is some follow-up from my daughter’s broken arm billing thread from earlier today. By way of background, my 13 year old daughter fell and injured her wrist when she was snowboarding in February. We were on vacation in Tahoe, about 180 miles away. My wife took her to the “Emergency” clinic at the base of the mountain where she was seen and evaluated. She was x-ray’d and diagnosed with a buckle fracture of the left radius. She was given a temporary splint and told to see her doctor when we got home on Monday. The whole visit took about 2 hours. Much of that time was spent getting a prior authorization from our insurance company. We paid the $20 copay required for this kind of visit (Urgent Care).
We did eventually go to the UCSF orthopedics clinic where she was seen and treated again (and again x-ray’d). This time, she was fit with a custom splint and this took about 2 hours.
Yesterday, I got a bill for $448.66 which was for the balance of what was not paid by my insurance compan…

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